Training Programs


In addition to meeting regulatory compliance, training enables the Radiation Safety Officer to implement a successful radiation safety program, educates your employees about radiation and safety, and provides authorized users and technicians’ knowledge on radiation, safety and hands-on experience to perform routine tasks safely. Radiation Technology offers a variety of comprehensive training courses, delivered by a Certified Health Physicist with 30+ years experience in health physics and industrial safety. Courses have been approved by all Agreement States and NRC. We can help you select the course best suited to your site needs and to ensure your training dollars are invested for a maximum return:

·         Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) (5 day) – Designed to train individuals who will become RSO or backup RSO. This full week course presents all the information needed to establish and maintain a successful and reliable radiation safety program.

·         Radiation Safety Officer Refresher (3 day) Designed to provide RSOs and ARSOs with a refresh of their RSO training which is recommended every 3 years. 

·         Authorized User / Technician (3 day) – Designed for personnel who will either perform or supervise licensed activities. Course provides hands-on experience to perform routine radiation safety tasks. 

·         Awareness (4 or 8 hour) – Provides a basic radiation overview for the general population.

·         DOT (4 hour) – Designed to provide an overview of radioactive materials, packaging and transportation requirements and associated paperwork. Course provides a hands-on exercise.

·         Regulatory Update & Implementation – “Hands-on” interpretation of regulatory requirements and implementation of site radiation protection program.

·         Advanced RSO – Tailored to RSOs with sufficient background and training to extend their licensed activities. Course includes information to develop response teams and present onsite training, etc.

·         NRRPT Prep (5 day) – Designed to prepare individuals to take and pass the National Registered Radiation Protection Technician test.

·         CHP Part 1 Prep – Designed to prepare individuals to take and pass the CHP Part 1 test.

·         Custom – Contact RTI with your radiation safety program needs.